• Gracious Jesus

A teenage boy silently walked towards the noose he had placed to kill himself. It was the same place he had seen his father commit suicide a few years ago. After struggling through a further onslaught of deaths, seeking for meaning in life and going through several pilgrimages, his questions remained unanswered.

As he walked, his attention fell upon an old New Testament Bible he had received in school. He had the urge to pick it up and start reading. He eagerly looked up topics under “where to find help”, thinking he could proceed on the suicide mission after that. He started reading things he had never seen before. Jesus’ promises “I have come to give you life and life to the full”, and “peace that the world does not give” captured him. That was the turning point in his life. He made the choice to accept Christ’s free gift of eternal life and place his trust in Him.

Today he is successfully running his own company and a well known speaker in national and international forums. That one little book transformed him.

That is one story. There are millions of others. Is yours one of them?